Modelling and Simulation of Coal Gasification Plant


  • Naveed Ramzan UET
  • Shahid Naveed Chemical Engineering Department
  • Asma Ashraf Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Jasira Usman Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Hafeera Shabbir Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Shawala Azhar Department of Chemical Engineering


Gasification is a thermochemical transformation of solid fuel by partial oxidation into synthesis gas comprising of mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Use of this syngas as fuel for gas turbines to generate electricity has enhanced the environmental acceptability of coal gasification. In this work a rigorous model of Coal gasification unit has been developed using the Gibbs free energy minimum method in the RGibbs model. RGibbs models the gasification and combustion reaction neglecting the hydrodynamic complexity of the gasifier. The devolatilization-pyrolsis stage is modeled using RYield model.  RGibbs model determines the equilibrium composition of the products resulting from the many reactions that can occur.  The influence of operating conditions (temperature and feed composition) on gasifier performance is investigated.  The proposed gasification model improves the understanding of the process and can be used as a predictive tool at the optimization stage. ASPEN Plus is used as the simulation tool because it includes physical property models useful in solids handling.

Author Biographies

Naveed Ramzan, UET

Associate Professor

Shahid Naveed, Chemical Engineering Department





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Ramzan, N., Naveed, S., Ashraf, A., Usman, J., Shabbir, H., & Azhar, S. (2011). Modelling and Simulation of Coal Gasification Plant. Journal of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 38(1), 33–38. Retrieved from