Desulfurization of coal by solvent leaching method


  • M. Saeed UET Lahore


desufurization of coal, leaching



High sulfur and high ash both coals are unsuitable for their efficient use in gasification, liquefaction, combustion, and carbonization purposes. Coal is being used as an energy source all over the world which results in increasingly environmental issues and other deleterious effects, so the contribution of coal in power production in Pakistan is very small. Total sulfur contents in major coal fields are in the range of 0.5 - 10 wt% roughly. Utilization of such high ash and sulfur coals causes the environmental pollution and other effects. So prior to its utilization, it is necessary to desulfurize and demineralize such coals. Physical, biological and chemical processes are used for the coal cleaning method.

Present work aims at the desulfurization of Pakistani coal from Lakhra and Makarwal by using chemical method which involves the leaching of coal with acids, under different conditions of temperature, particle size and agitation time for each treatment.


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M. Saeed, UET Lahore

Chemical Engineering

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