Design of a car wash waste water treatment process for local car wash stations


  • Jamil Ahmad
  • Muhammad Umar
  • Syed Shujaat karim
  • Muhammad amaduddin
  • Feroz Shah
  • Iltaf Hussain


The car wash water treatment and recycling study was conducted using laboratory scale coagulation flocculation followed by sand & gravel filtration unit. Results obtained have been submitted for publishing and currently under review process. Based upon the results obtained a treatment and recycling process was designed for the actual 16.2 m3/day car wash water. The process comprised of a coagulation flocculation tank, coagulation storage tank, a sand and gravel filter and a final treated water storage tank. Different design options along with merits and demerits of each one were proposed. The final design selected includes coagulation flocculation tank underground, the sand & gravel filter at a height of 6 m above the ground level while the coagulant storage tank and the treated water storage tank at the ground level.  The design dimensions of various units calculated given as 1 m3 of coagulant storage tank, coagulation flocculation tank with 4.35 m height and 2.175 m diameter, A sand and gravel filter with 2.5 m2 surface area and a 20 m3 water storage tank. The total cost of the treatment system including fixed cost of Rs 407049 and running cost of 438135 was calculated as Rs 845184.



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Ahmad, J., Umar, M., karim, S. S., amaduddin, M., Shah, F., & Hussain, I. (2017). Design of a car wash waste water treatment process for local car wash stations. Journal of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 45(2). Retrieved from