Extraction of gold from boulangerite ore using sodium cyanide


  • Sajjad Ali MRL, Department of Physics, UoP
  • Muhammad Hashim
  • A Ahmad
  • Y Iqbal




extraction, sodium cyanide, boulangerite ore, hydrometallurgy


Present study focuses over the extraction of gold via sodium cyanide (NaCN) from boulangerite ore. Since the presence of antimony hinders the extraction of gold by cyanidation therefore, the ore was first treated with sodium sulphide (Na2S) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to remove/minimize the antimony content. Gold extraction via cyanidation was then studied for different parameters including concentration of NaCN, time effect and influence of temperature on leaching of gold. It was observed that extraction of gold increases with increase in concentration of NaCN and ore amount. Maximum leaching of gold (52.89 - 76.53 %) was carried out at 80 oC, 100 minutes leaching time, 300 rpm and a pH level of 10.5.

Author Biography

Sajjad Ali, MRL, Department of Physics, UoP

Department of Physics, UoP./Lecturer




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Ali, S., Hashim, M., Ahmad, A., & Iqbal, Y. (2020). Extraction of gold from boulangerite ore using sodium cyanide. Journal of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 47(2), 01–07. https://doi.org/10.54693/piche.04721