Utilization of Marble Waste Slurry in the Preparation of Bricks


  • Waheed ur Rehman PCSIR Labs Complex, Peshawar


Marble waste slurry, Acrylic fibers, Compressive strength


Pakistan is one of the largest marble producing countries in the world. The total number of units operating countrywide exceeds 1600, while that operating in the province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa exceeds 400. The processing of marble leads to generation of large amount of waste in the form of slurry which results both in financial loss as well as environmental pollution. In the present study, marble waste slurry is utilized for the preparation of bricks with cement and plaster of paris used as binders. Gravel and acrylic fibres were also used as reinforcers for additional enhancement of compressive strength. Using acrylic fibres as reinforcer and cement as a binder, a maximum strength of 1296 psi was achieved. These bricks can effectively be used in areas where higher strength is not required. Moreover they can be utilized in shelter for people in earthquake and flood effected areas. Production of these bricks will not only result in a substantial amount of fuel saving, but also in an ample consumption of this waste material.

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Waheed ur Rehman, PCSIR Labs Complex, Peshawar




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