Membership Guidelines

  1. The General Body of the Institute shall consist of the following corporate and non-corporate grades:
    • Fellows
    • Members
    • Associate Members
    • Affiliate Members
    • Student Members
    • Honorary Members
    • Life Fellows/Members
  2. All applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary General on a prescribed Performa and shall be subject to the approval of the Council.
  3. The qualifications and experience for above mentioned grades of memberships shall be as follows.
  • Corporate Grades
    • Fellows
      A candidate for election as Fellow at the time of application shall be a Corporate Member of PIChE and be actively engaged in Chemical engineering profession (or an allied field) and shall be proficient in its principles. In addition, he shall satisfy the council that he fulfills the requirements set forth in one of the following paragraphs.
      • A candidate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from a recognized University or its equivalent qualifications and has had 10 years’ experience in Chemical Engineering in a responsible capacity.
      • A candidate who holds M.Sc. degree in Chemical technology, Pass Course / Hons. In option (i) and has had atleast 12 years of experience in Chemical Engineering in a responsible capacity
    • Members
      A candidate for election as Member at the time of election shall be actively engaged in Chemical engineering Profession and shall satisfy the council that he fulfills the requirements set forth in one of the following paragraphs:
      • A candidate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from a recognized University or its equivalent qualifications and has had 5 years’ experience in Chemical Engineering.
      • A candidate who holds M.Sc degree in Chemical Technology, Pass Course/Hons. In option (i) and has at least 6 years of experience in Chemical Engineering.

        Responsible capacity in above clauses means individual professional responsibility in a chemical engineering assignment including education / research. Chemical Engineering is defined in Appendix ‘A’
  • Non-corporate Grades Honorary Members The Council may elect any person after getting the due consent of the candidate as an Honorary Member of the Institute who in its option has attained an eminent position in Chemical Engineering profession or an allied field. Associate Members A candidate for selection as an Associate Member at the time of election should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from a recognized University or its equivalent qualifications. Affiliates A person holding a diploma in any branch of Science or Engineering other then Chemical Engineering/Chemical Technology and actively associated with Chemical Engineering and allied industries will be eligible to join as an Affiliate of the Institute. Student Members A candidate for election as a Student Member shall be enrolled as student of a University in a Curriculum for Chemical Engineering/Chemical Technology degree course. Such Membership shall cease with the ceasure of his studentship at the University. Life Fellows / Life Members The corporate members on the payment of composite fee of Rs.2000.00 may be elected as Life(10 years) Fellow / Life (10 years) Member of the Institute


  1. The Fellow Members only shall be eligible for election to the Honorary Officers of President, Vice-President and Secretary General of the Institute.
  2. The corporate members shall:
    • nominate, second and vote in the election of Honorary Officers and other Executive Members of the Council, 50% of which shall be from amongst Members and 50% from amongst the Fellows of the Institute;
    • propose and vote resolutions and amendments to the Constitution. Adoption of amendments will be subject to the agreement by ¾ voters present at a meeting. Those present at meetings for amending the Constitution shall at least be 1/3rd of the total registered voting corporate members. The amendments to the constitution moved by the Council and sent to the corporate members by post, the replies of the members received thereupon shall be considered as the vote cast by the registered voting member for the purpose; and
    • attend all business meeting of the general body.
  3. All grades of members shall
    • be eligible to receive all the publications of the Institute at reduced rates;
    • be eligible to participate and contribute papers in conferences, seminars, lectures, publications, visits and other activities of the Institute: and
    • propose for the consideration of the Council, ways and means to promote the interests of the Institute.
  4. Following grades shall be entitled to use the initials after their names.
    • Fellow–F.PIChE
    • Member–M.PIChE
    • Associate Member–AM. PIChE


  1. If the dues of any member are in arrears for more than one financial year, he will cease to be a member and his name shall be struck off from the registers of the Institute. He may, however, be eligible for readmission.
  2. Any member committing gross professional misconduct in the opinion of the Council or is convicted for moral turpitude shall cease to be a member.


  1. They shall uphold the dignity of the profession by action, words or writings.
  2. They will not enter into malpractices.
  3. They will discharge their duties honestly.
  4. They will not indulge in immoral acts, injure or attempt to injure, directly or indirectly, professional reputition or business of any other member.


  1. The following Officers of the Institute shall be elected from amongst the corporate members of the institute;
    • President
    • Two Vice Presidents
    • Secretary General
    • Treasurer
    • Joint Secretary
  2. Tenure of the Officers
    An Officer as mentioned in Clause 8(1) will hold office for two years and may be re-elected to the same office but not for more than three consecutive terms, after which he will not be proposed for at least two consecutive terms for the same office.

Membership Fee

  1. The annual subscription will be due on 1st of January in each year and should normally be paid by 1st of March of the same year, after this date the Treasurer shall issue the reminder notice to the defaulters. In case of no positive response by the member the cessation of membership shall come into affect in accordance with clause 6(1).
  2. On transfer from one grade to another, the member will pay fee for new grade and subscription for the grade at the time of transfer during a calendar year; provided he has already paid his dues for his grade before such transfer.
  3. There shall be a separate fee of Rs. 100.00 at the time of issuance of the certificate to members of all grades or after change of grade.
  4. After election of a candidate to a grade is approved by the Council and he has paid his total dues within 3 month’s of his election his name and particulars shall be entered into a register maintained by the Institute’s Office and he shall be entitled to the privileges of his grade as contained in Clause 5.
  5. The following shall be the entrance fees and Annual subscriptions for the various grades of members:
GradesMembership Fee (PKR)Bank Account Information
Fellow5000Account Title:
Member3000Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)
Associate Member2000Account Number: 0182 0019358303
Affiliate Member1000Bank Branch:
Student Member500Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Quaid-i-Azam Campus
University of the Punjab, Lahore – Pakistan