The Council

The Council

  1. The Council shall consist of:
    • The President
    • The vice President, Secretary General, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and eight selected Executive members. Chairman of local chapters and chief Editor of the Journal will be ex-official members of the Council.
    • The Council shall have the powers to co-op upto a maximum of four Executive members to the Council so as to give due representation to all regions / provinces if in the opinion of the council these regions / provinces are not adequately represented on the basis of the annual elections.
  2. The council member shall hold office for two years and may be re-elected subject to the provision in rule 8(2).
  3. The Council shall:
    • Be the governing body of the Institute, and shall deal with all matters of policy, it shall conduct and manage all business and affairs of he institute.
    • Take such action as it deems fit to promote the objects of the Institute.
    • Nominate President of the Institute for election for the following term by the General Body.
    • Frame budget and review resources of the Institute from time to time.
    • Approve the annual report and balance sheet before presenting to the General Body.
    • Consider holding of Annual General Meeting and other meetings of the Institute.
    • Fill all vacancies occurring amongst the officers of the Institute and Executive member of the Council.
    • Appoint auditors to audit the accounts of the Institute.
    • Appoint auditors to audit the accounts of the Institute.
    • See that funds are being properly spent in the best interest of the Institute.
    • Maintain relations with other fraternal societies by exchange of publications and delegates.
  4. The Council may make rules for the conduct of its business.
  5. The Council may delegate its powers to a Committee specially appointed for the purse.
  6. The President of the Institute shall be ex-officious President of the Council and the Secretary General, the Secretary of the Council. In absence of the President and the Vice Presidents in a meeting the members will elect their Chairman. In absence of the Secretary General, Joint Secretary or one of the Executive members will be nominated to record its proceedings.
  7. The Council meeting shall be convened by the Secretary General in consultation with the President.
  8. Six members shall form the quorum
  9. The Council shall have power to order the expenditure to any extent for any purpose in the interest of the Institute provided the budget allows.
  10. In emergency the views of Council members on a matter may be obtained by circulation and put up the President and will form proceedings of the Council.

Our Philosophy

The Institute decorates its members for their meritorious services by awarding gold medals and best performance awards

PIChE's Principle

To a professional chemical engineer working in industry based on meritorious professional services

Key Of Success

The nominations are evaluated by the awards committee which makes recommendations. The decisions of the awards committee is final.