Prof. Dr. M. Arif Butt

President PIChE

President’s Message:

Honorable PIChE Executive Council Members, Fellow Chemical Engineers, ladies and gentlemen

Al Salam u Alaikum

Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE) has completed its 52 years. As a non-profit volunteer organization it has the following objectives:

  1. To provide technical support to its members by arranging seminars, functions, technical lectures and training sessions on various chemical related topics,
    ii. To publishes literature, research journal, newsletter etc., to educate and update its members and society with the current activities of the Institute.
    iii. To work for the uplift of the chemical engineering profession.

Through these activities PIChE helps its members in improving their work-related skills to their own benefit and society.
I congratulate to all worthy Chemical Engineers for winning Gold Medal Awards in recognition of their meritorious services for the profession and industries performance award winners.
Congratulation to the award winners of 2022 that would be decorated in the next AGM.
Chemical industry technically convert raw material like oil, natural gas, air, water, metals
and minerals etc. That we need mostly in our daily life such as food decore, agricultural, hygiene, mobility etc. Almost more than 70,000 different products

In Pakistan there are more than 20 HEIs offering chemical engineering education. Around 1500 chemical engineers graduate every year. Around 20000 chemical engineers are registered with PEC.
Chemical Engineers have been serving the nation in process industries, R&D organizations,
Government departments, academia, and business sector. Many of them have become entrepreneur.

Continuous professional development is essential for professionals at all levels of their career. Thus, the role of PIChE becomes important to meet the professional needs of its members. The year 2021 has been another special year in our history where the country has been fighting COVID19 pandemic. We are proud of our chemical engineers who have been contributing to the nation building. A glimpse of activities of PIChE and its chapters is presented in the Newsletter. Some of our fellow chemical engineers have been recognized for their services nationally.

Despite COVID19, the council meetings were held regularly, the Journal publication continued. DOI service has been purchased which will increase international visibility of the journal. Research/Technical papers from industry must also be submitted to the journal. An international conference was also organized at Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology, DG Khan in March 2021. The conference was held online due to COVID restrictions. A new chapter was established at Wah Engineering College, Wah Cantt. I would appreciate the efforts of the HoD Engr. Dr. Khurram Shahzad Baig.

Many members have had achievements in their career for which we congratulate them. Some of our members have left us and we pray to Allah for a high place for them in Jannat-ul-Firdous. It is pertinent to increase our reach to engineers across Pakistan and across all industrial sectors for which we look forward to receiving your suggestions. In my opinion our role as a society must be realized at the national level for which we should put more efforts.
Pakistan Zindabad